About Us


CAN MAN was established in 2001 as a hobby. In 2011 this became our fulltime passion.


We are a family-owned and operated, home-based business making jams and jellies the old fashioned way. With love and care and ingredients sourced from local farmers, orchards, and suppliers.

We take pride in hard work and a spirit of excellence and you can taste this in every bite of our superior products.

Thousands of people have enjoyed our products daily as we sold from fairs and festivals. Now, we are pleased to ship directly to your table from our kitchen. We invite you to enjoy our product also and allow us to become a part of your family table.

Meet the Chefs

Larry Hetzel

Larry worked much of his life doing heavy labor. In 2011 a medical condition meant he could not return to the work he loved.


This turned out to be blessing in disguise because I was suddenly able to pursue another passion, cooking jams and jellies.


These were a big hit with family, friends and farmers’ markets…and my hobby became The Can Man.

Becky Hetzel

I am a blessed mother of 3, grandmother of 8, and great grandma of 3.


I’ve worked in sales and pharmacy up to 2015. As The Can Man grew, the need for me to help in the business became greater.


We now enjoy working side-by-side creating new sensational flavors for your enjoyment.